Why Do You need a website for your business

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In today's blog, I will tell you why a website is necessary for your business. So let's talk about its scope without delay, why you should make it and its negative things too. 

Many years ago, people used to keep the address of their shop with signs. Like the old banyan behind its shop, its shop etc. Then people remembered the numbers. Like Buldings Number, Room Number, Shop Number and Street Number etc. 

The way the world is getting digitalize today, it becomes clear that the coming time and era is of digital market. Right now you are getting this blogpost, you may find it optional, but in the coming days, this world will be crazy about the website

If you are a buseiness person, professional, makeup artist, teacher, coach, fitness professional architect, interior designer, doctor, lawyer. 

Then you must need a website to promote your businesss and services. Let me clear you today what is website. Suppose we want to open a grocery store. So you have a question that how will you start this store, what things will you need?

Let me answer all these questions. -
We have to give a name to the store to open grocery stores. So that people can recognize us, that store. Let the store name is XYZ Grocery. Now we look for a place where we can run the store.

After that we will need grocery items which we will be able to sell and make money for ourselves. Hey friends, if we compare this grocery store with our website, we will find that our grocery store name is our website domain name. e.g. www.xyzstore .com.

And the place where we were opening and closing our store is like a server for us.And instead of grocery items, our content, photos, videos are only grocery items in the website.

In Short 

Grocerry Store Store On Website
Store Name (XYZ Grocessry Store) Domain Name (xyzstore.com)                  
store room or location  Server (share ,cloude,dedicated hosting)
grocessry items  contents, images videos text etc.

Benefit OF Website:

  1. 24/7 Online Presence : With the help of website, you can open your store 24x7 horse. This is a never closing store.

  2. Low Cost: You can make your store online by spending very little money. You can make it by yourself or get it done by any website developer. For this you do not need to invest your whole life's capital.

  3. No Limit to Geography : You just think that you are sitting here in Ranchi and you want to do your business all over India and outside India. It gives you the freedom to do your business anywhere, anytime with anyone. You can do your business anywhere in the whole world wide.

  4. Reaching to Masses : It gives freedom to reach countless customers. No limit of customers.

  5. Customer Insights: Not only this, you can get the insight of your customer. Like where is your customer from, what is he searching, for which product he is paying.And for which product he is not paying. In this way, by detecting your customer behavior, you can optimize your website and retargeting them.

In this way, we talked about the positive aspect of a website, but you should know its negative aspect.

  1. No Clear Vision : When you use a website to reach your customers, you may fail due to lack of a clear vision. So which customers of your website do you want to reach? You should know all this what you want to do with your website. If you do this then you will be able to handle these ups and downs very easily if this happens in the coming days. So don't just make a website make a website for a purpose.

  2. Lack Of Patience: Today you took this blogpost post, tomorrow you have created a website and income will start from the day after tomorrow, if this is the case then the website is not for you at all. If you want to earn money from your website, then you have to learn how to bring traffic to your website, you need to do SEO , need to advertise on social media plateform etc..  And if you do not know all this, then you can take the help of a good digital marketer or a digital marketing agencies. 

  3. Choose a right Hosting Partner: You also need to choose a right hosting partner. If not, then you may have to face a lot of difficulties in the future.

  4. Evolve: From time to time you need evolution on your website. Like you have to find out if there are any changes, needs renovation on my website.If you think that there is a need to change some photo content videos, then do it.

Finally, I request all of you to share this blogpost to reach as many people as possible so that it can be useful to someone. And if you liked this blogpost of mine, please tell me by commenting in the comment box.

Thank you!!!

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Nice thoughts, We should consider all the Advice from him. Perfect website for perfect business

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