Internet Of Things

ESP8266 IoT and Windows 10 IoT Platform (Elective)

Now a days Internet application development demand is no doubt very high. So IoT is a booming technology by which we can innovate various "Things". Here "Things" means Hardware, Software, Internet System etc. are included. IoT is a network of interconnected physical objects like devices or routers through which these exchange data. It is reliable and easy technique that reduces human effort as well as makes easy access to our Internet Devices. In this course we will understand the basics of IoT which helps you to make awesome Engineering projects. This course includes-

  • Introduction of ESP8266 Microchip Platform and Windows 10 IoT core.
  • Setting up a complete tool chain for developing your won Blynk and Windows 10 IoT core Applications.
  • Developing basic foreground and background programs for our application using Arduino IDE and Blynk.
  • Setting up circuit and its operations according to you projects
  • Learning the uses of Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software and 3rd party applications like IFTTT and Google Assistance.
  • Understanding and Learning Embedded C Programming language and built in functions used in Arduino IDE.
  • A Live Project after the course session chosen by you.

This program consists of well designed syllabus and topics which are most important for Electronics & Software Engineers. You will have full access to our premium project guidance and troubleshooting sessions. Also AI Next will help you to understand your own career domain.

The versatility of IoT has become very popular in recent years in every Industry. McKinsey Global Institute reports that IoT business will reach 6.2 Trillion in revenue by 2025. Many MNCs and domestic companies focusing in the development of IoT products. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc. these companies producing consumer products and development products to uses their Platforms in different sectors for example Human Luxury, Automotive, Energy Management in Govt. sectors, Medical and transportation, Smart City etc.

If you understand the basic functions and working of IoT devices, it will help you to upgrade you skills, resume and innovate College Projects. You will also get remarkable attention in your campus interviews in the huge crowd.

After completing this course you will understand the concept of Internet Of Things, how machine are programed, How machines understand the commands, How sensor or external devices connects with. Also with the core understanding you will be able to:
  • design and develop projects based on IoT using ESP8266, Blynk and Arduino Platform.
  • Use 3rd party software and hardware with ESP8266.
  • upgrade your skill sets to innovate your projects.

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