Artificial Intelligence

Arduino Micro Controller Platform

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners, this course is design to make you an expert of Arduino platform and Artificial Intelligence. This course will enable you to understand the basic skill sets required to innovate your own college projects. Let's see the main goals:

  • Introduction to Micro Processor and Micro Controller, different type of sensor and operation with their input/output.
  • Understanding Digital & Analog Systems, Arduino and ESP8266 Microchip Platform.
  • Learning the uses of Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software, Embedded C Programming language and built in functions used in Arduino IDE.
  • A Live Project after the course session chosen by you.

This program consists of well designed syllabus and topics that are very important for Electronics & Software Engineers. You will have full access to our premium project guidance and troubleshooting sessions. Also AI Next will help you to understand your own career domain.

Today, AI can perform intensive human labor and backbreaking tasks easily with out the need of human interventions. This has immensely automated several application and tasks in industries as well as in different sectors like Finance & Banking, Health care, Retail/eTail, Technology Higher Education etc.
If you understand the basic concepts and functions of AI, it will help you to upgrade you skills and resume, you will also get remarkable attention in your campus interviews in the huge crowd.

After completing this course you will understand the concept of Artificial Intelligence, how machine are programed, How machines understand the commands, How sensor or external devices connects with. Also with the core understanding you will be able to:
  • Design and develop projects on Artificial Intelligence using Arduino Platform.
  • Use 3rd party software and hardware with Arduino platform.
  • Enhance your knowledge to make and innovate things you can automate.

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