Web Designing and Development

Bootstrap | Open Source Web Development Framework

Bootstrap web development framework is very easy to learn and understand. This course is designed to make you a beautiful Web Designer . The course will enable you to understand the basic to advance uses of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript using Bootstrap Web development Framework. Let's see the main goals:

  • Introduction to Web Development Framework (Bootstrap).
  • How to use bootstrap scaffolding (Bootstrap Basic Structure).
  • Bootstrap Features global CSS and JavaScript settings and fundamentals of HTML.
  • Uses of Inbuilt reusable components and layouts.
  • Step by step process of designing and development of own Web Pages.
  • A Live Project after the course session chosen by you.

This program consists of well designed syllabus to learn Web designing. You will have full access to our premium project guidance and troubleshooting sessions. After completing the workshop or training you will be able to design a beautiful responsive websites using bootstrap.

If you are an IT or Software engineer or you want to make career in IT Industry, bootstrap framework is very useful for you. Today, Every business sale their products on Internet. A website helps companies to promotes ads and increases customer reach. Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, all these marketing strategies are done through Websites.
If you learn Bootstrap, it will help you to upgrade you skills and resume, you will also get remarkable attention in your campus interviews in the huge crowd.

After completing this course you will be able to design any type of websites just in few days and work for your company and clients. you can even do more than that,
  • design and develop website templates for your projects
  • Use 3rd party components and javaScript plug-ins.
  • develop web app designs for mobile like Admin Panel, E-Commerce etc.

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