PHP and CodeIgniter Framework

Advance PHP & MySQL with MVC Design Pattern

PHP is a server-side scripting language widely used in Dynamic Web Applications because it's easy, fluent and organized coding structure. CodeIgniter is an open source framework, powered by PHP. Framework provides a lots of built in Libraries, Helper functions and Plug-ins. These features reduces time and Code complexity to build small to medium scale web applications like CMS and E-Commerce. In this course we will learn Advance PHP With MySQL and Codeigniter Framework. Lets see what are the main objectives.

  • Applications of PHP and MySQL in Web Development.
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP.
  • Concepts of MVC Design Pattern and OOP.
  • Introduction of Codeigniter Framework. Installation and Configuration.
  • Uses of built in Libraries, Helper Functions of Codeigniter.
  • Concepts of Control Structure and Logic building.
  • A Live Project after the course session chosen by you.

This program consists of well designed syllabus and topics which are most important to learn advance PHP and CodeIgniter Framework. You will have full access to our premium project guidance and troubleshooting sessions.

PHP and PHP frameworks are fast growing Web Platforms for developing applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wikipedia etc. Among many platforms WordPress is widely used in the Internet World and WordPress is made of PHP. That's why Small and Medium scale companies preferred PHP frameworks because effectiveness, Easy to understand and frequent updates.

Also PHP & PHP MyAdmin(MySQL) is uses 80% in majority of the web hosting & Web services and servers. After having skilled in PHP, We can learn more languages. PHP is Better option for starting career in web programmer. Once we become fluent in PHP and have logic building capability, Other Programming languages are very simple and easy to learn.

After completing this course you will understand Object Oriented Programming in PHP and custom uses of Codeigniter. Here are the advantages of learning Codeigniter Framework and you will be able to-
  • Find out Pre-requisites and Steps of Software Development.
  • Manage and Control data flow in your Views and your MySQL Database.
  • Design and Develop small scale Dynamic Web Applications.

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