How To Connect ESP8266 Module With Arduino and and Build ECG Monitoring System

Hello Guys,

On the request of requirement today me and my team  are building  ECG Monitoring 
 IoT Modules using Arduino and  Node MCU ESP8266. 

So we thought why not tell this to the people, that's why I am writing this informative blogpost. If you are collage going student or you are a looking for a project for your finnal year project submission then offcouce this blogpost will help you.


So let me give you a small idea without wasting much time. In the last few decades, diseases have become a part of people's lives, this may be because of our eating habits and health related problems.Heart disease is also one of these diseases. So we shouldn't take it lightly, there should be a technology that can monitor the heart rate and heart behavior of the patient regularly. By analyzing or monitoring the ECG signal at the initial stage the various heart disease can be prevented.

That's why i'm presenting you great IoT project, here i will show you how to connect Node MCU ESP8266 with Arduino and ECG Sensor and monitor Graph of heartbeats.

To complete this one great project we need the following components:

  • Node MCU (ESP8266 Boards)
  • ECG Sensor (AD8232 ECG Sensor Kit)
  • Data Cable (5V Micro USB Data Cable)
  • USB Adaptor (5V USB Adaptor)
  • Breadboard 

You can easily order it from websites like Amazon, and Flipkart. And if you want, you can also purchase it from us.

In order to make it first we need to install ESP8266 model on Arduino IDE. To install, the ESP8266 in your Arduino board follow these instructions :

  1. In your Arduino IDE Go to File > Preferences
  2. Enter on the "Additional Boards Manger URLs field 

Note: Remember one thing if you have already ESP32 boards URL, You can seperate the URL follows:,


3. Then Open teh Boards Manage. Go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager

4. Search ESP8266 ad press install fro the ESP8266 by ESP8266 Community.

5. you also need to sellect port  then paste  the following code 


Ainext Engineering And ranchi Techno Park
ECG Module 
Conatct at 7004959254 for more Details  


int pin = 2;

void setup() {

  // initialize GPIO 2 as an output.

  pinMode(pin, OUTPUT);


// the loop function runs over and over again forever

void loop() {

  digitalWrite(pin, HIGH); // turn the LED on (HIGH is the voltage level)

  delay(1000); // wait for a second

  digitalWrite(pin, LOW); // turn the LED off by making the voltage LOW

  delay(1000); // wait for a second



Once the code is uploded  then it will generet the data if everything is ok .

In this way this is completed your project "ECG sensor NODE MCU ESP8266 and Arduino  IoT Module fro measuring Your Heeartbeat .

Any question or doubt you have feel free to write in comment box.

Thanks I'll see you again with the next new post.


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