The real reason for the failure of social media platforms?

More recently! Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram together crashed for the next 6 hours from around 9:15 at night. Now you will think that why am I telling you this?
As we all know, people's lives came to a standstill due to the crash of things like social media at the time of sleeping at night. People started switching their phones on/off, data on/off. 

Millions of people started trolling on other social media platforms like Twitter. Now all of you can find out from this that how things like social media have affected our life.

But why all this has happened, no one can understand, so I thought I should make you technically aware of these things.

Friends, all three WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company. Because of which all three crashed due to the crash of one of the servers. This would have meant that Facebook would have controlled all its social media from a single server.

And It may be another reason can also be that some hackers may have attacked their server. But Facebook CEO Zuckerberg dismissed this, and told that it is technically a server problem. 

  • What is Border Gateway Protocal (BGP)?

The Internet is a network of networks and the border gateway protocal connects all these networks together. In fact, it is because of this protocol that the Internet works. As we press enter to open a website, then BGP quickly finds the way to open that website. When BGP does not work Then internet router doesn’t know what to do? The internet doesn't work because of this. In the case of Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, when we were trying to open it, then there was a problem in BGP. That’s why these all social media  platforms  facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram were not able to tell other networks that it was present on the Internet.

  • Why Problem came in BGP?

Website opens with domain name But we reach from his IP address. There is a system on the Internet called a domain name server that converts domain names into IP addresses. But if routing changes are done in a website like in the case of Facebook, due to this the DNS server stopped, due to this the IP address was lost and BGP also could not find his path and got stuck.

  • Cyber asshult Or Hackers attacks?

cyber_attacks_rtparkYes, it may be  but facebook deny this and told its happen due to faulty configuration and router configuration. and to resolve this its took about 6 hours that's  why you didn't able to use facebook whatsapp and instagram for that periode. 


  • Can this happen again in future?

Yes, offcourse it may be. Generaly worldwide service provder company can manages theirs website very carefully but it operation are on machine/ hardware that is operated by a people. As we know human error can happen at any time. So it could be in future again .

  • What we can learn by this incidents?

What if we depended on the internet for 

  • ambulance calling,
  • vaccination certificate,
  • slot booking,
  • hotel booking
  • Or message your loved ones in bad times etc. 

There is a need to be careful with the way we are dependent on social media platforms today. I leave it to you, ask your wisdom and share it's bad-effects in the comment box.

Thank you!!!

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Mr Jack · 9 months ago

Nice information if you are a business owner, you must need a website

Somesh Krishna · 1 year ago

We were thinking Shahrukh Khan Paid Facebook to stop. Thank you Anup for sharing your knowledge with us. We should not always depend on the social media.

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