What is Function Overloading and Overriding in OPPs?

Function Overloading and Overriding is the abilty of programming laguage to create multiple function with same name with different implementations


Function Overloading

Method or function overloading is generally used to increase the readability of the program. How? When we have a class with a bunch of functions and there are some functions having almost the same functionality or maybe a little different  We create them using the same name but remember one thing they should accept different parameters. Method overloading is performed within the same Class.

  • Method overloading is performed within a Class.
  • Method overloading is an example of Compile-time Polymorphism


Method Overriding

Method overriding is used to provide the specific implementation of the method that is already provided by the superclass. How? When we create an instance of a class and we know that this class has the same properties and methods in the new instance class however if we want to overwrite a function in the newly instantiated class specifically, this is called Method Overriding. There is a condition that the Parameters should be same in the both Methods.

  • Method overriding occurs in two classes that have IS-A (Instance) relationship
  • In the case of Method Overriding, Parameters MUST be the same
  • Method overriding is the example of RUN time Polymorphism
  • The return type must be same or Co-variant in Method overriding

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Er Kumar Anup · 11 months ago

I know little what is overloading and overriding. By reading this awesome blogpost all doubts are cleared. Thank you sir for such a clearcut concepts.

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