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The real reason for the failure of social media platforms?

More recently! Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram together crashed for the next 6 hours from around 9:15 at night. Now you will think that why am I telling you this? As we all know, people's ...

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by Er Kumar on 07-10-2021


Why Do You need a website for your business

Hello Friends, In today's blog, I will tell you why a website is necessary for your business. So let's talk about its scope without delay, why you should make it and its negativ...

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by Er Kumar on 16-09-2021

Internet Of Things

How To Connect ESP8266 Module With Arduino and and Build ECG Monitoring System

Hello Guys, On the request of requirement today me and my team  are building  ECG Monitoring   IoT Modules using Arduino and  Node MCU ESP8266.  ...

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by Er Kumar on 24-06-2021

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Are you a Engineering Student? Looking for Projects?

Ai Next provides all kind of Engineering Projects in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Web technologies like PHP, ASP. Net, MYSql, HTML5, etc. We don't only make your project also we make you understand the unseen.
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Internet Of Things

About SD-WAN

Just as LAN is a subset of WAN, Software-Defined WAN is a subset of Software Defined Network. It has emerged as a solution that seeks to change the traditional way networks are being set up. It is simply making variable formerly invariable network properties. Networks a...

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by Samuel on 18-03-2021


Codeigniter as a PHP Framework and its Advantages

What is Codeigniter? Codeigniter is a PHP framework based on MVC (Model, Views, Controller) architecture, used for web development.  Codeigniter is a powerful, lightweight and very small footprint, build for small to medium scale applications. We can build a full-featured ap...

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by Mr on 13-05-2020

Artificial Intelligence

What is Django? How it is used for Web Development?

Django makes it easier to build better Web apps more quickly and with less code.  Get Started Introduction to Django Django is a high-level Python Web framework that enc...

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by Mr on 05-05-2020


What is REST API or RESTful API (Representational State Transfer) ?

REST API or RESTful API To understand REST API, Lets first understand what is API? API stands for Application Programming Interface basically means a gateway of information transfer. Let us assume that you are an Android Developer and ...

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by Mr on 03-05-2020


How to Install anaconda for python and R distribution

Installation of Anaconda Python Distribution with Jupyter Notebook Python/R distribution You can install and run the Anaconda Python distribution on different platforms. Download for win/linux/mac Website URL: Gra...

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by Mr.Jack on 18-12-2019


How does Arduino IDE work and How to use Arduino IDE to make projects

Arduino IDE The Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a ...

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by Mr.Jack on 22-11-2019